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We can support you with a system that provides back-up protection, security features, multiple user-access, advanced search capabilities, eForms and workflow.


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Drive out paper-based processes to decrease costs and increase productivity, and supports compliance with internal and external mandates.

FileBound is a document management system that is able to handle electronic information, including Microsoft Office documents, Adobe documents as well as hundreds of other document types. In addition, it handles other unstructured information, such as faxes, photographs, XML components, video clips, podcasts, hand-written notes and e-mail messages. It addresses a range of needs and offers broad functionality including process-centric applications like workflow, document archiving and storage.

The challenge today is the deployment of seamless solutions that accept and combine information from many sources, organize it, distribute it via workflow and provide access security. FileBound is designed to find, control, optimise and protect information from many sources stored in different forms. These include paper files, archival box storage, document images, digital application files, computer print files, emails, faxes, web site input, and others.

FileBound can help you achieve:

Manage business processes from beginning to end, and reliably connect people and information wherever they are.

  • Compliance, reporting and governance
  • Security and information privacy
  • Business process automation ‘workflow’
  • Complete document management
  • eForms
  • Systems integration
  • Retention management
  • Collaboration
  • Hosted (cloud based and premise based) solutions

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