Organisations of all sizes and in all industries are looking for new and better ways to archive their important documents. PDF software and the PDF/A sub-format is the perfect complement to any organisation’s data-retention policies, but unfortunately, most users don’t know much about it. Here, we take a closer look at the PDF/A format, and how it helps archive and retain critical information

PDF/A gives organisations a much-needed advantage in today’s digital world where mountains of information are created and must be kept for future use. Yet many users and companies don’t know about PDF/A and struggle to find the best ways to keep their files and records for extended periods of time.

Failure is simply not an option when it comes to archiving and preserving information. Many industry-specific regulations have created a challenging compliance environment, complete with significant risks and consequences for any organisation that fails to comply

The good news is that PDF/A can be an extremely easy – and effective solution to these challenges.

Download: Power_PDF_Archive_and_Preserve_with_PDF_White_Paper

Courtesy: Nuance Communications

What is PDF/A, and how can it solve long-term archiving challenges

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