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Welcome to the October Newsletter! Since last month, we gained more hours of daylight, Steve Beighton gained an extra year of age, and we are now just three weeks away from the Annual ALGIM Conference...


Scandal, intrigue, roll-overs, records broken, tears of sorrow and joy. No I am not talking about Rugby World Cup 2019, but the New Zealand 2019 local government elections. They delivered some really interesting results indeed. This years election has delivered the highest number of new mayors ever recorded, at a total of 26. Records were also broken for the youngest ever Mayor at age 28 for Lower Hutt, and youngest elected Councillor overall went to Kapiti, with an 18 year old.

The overall voting turnout was good in some districts, with Chatham Islands taking the highest percentage of 68.8%, followed by Westland, Grey, Kaikoura and Mackenzie (I'm proud of that of course!). The rest of the country reflected a low turnout, which is speculated to be caused by candidates failing to tie themselves to a single issue, as well as failing to engage with younger voters.

One of the really great things for me, when I look at the result, is the increase in female representation across Local Government (my wife has a bit to do with this 😉). Standout areas for women on council include the Hawke’s Bay region, where four out of five mayors are women, the East Coast, where three of the five councils have new female mayors and Wellington City Council where 64 per cent of elected members across New Zealand are women. Currently, 38 per cent of elected members are women, with a total of 20 female mayors which is awesome.

All the best to those elected and I hope they have a great term.

- Stephen Barlow


Our team consists of many talented and motivated people. We want you to get to know them, as you'd be missing out not to! These two share a love for Marvel and beige pants...


Super-friendly Tuakana (right) has been with Desktop Imaging since November 2014, coming over from MBIE helping with the monitoring and processing of Licensed Building Practitioner applications. His current role is working alongside his team, collectively known as “The Bermuda Triangle”, in the automated processing of invoices for clients nationwide and Abroad. He also established a Desktop Imaging Indoor Netball Team, which participates in NZ Business Games every year since 2015. Outside of work, Tuakana enjoys spending time with his fiancée Simone, and Their 4 children – LaDainian, Dante, Ambroise and Vandre.

Stephen (left) is our personable General Manager with broad experience focused on leading and inspiring teams, increasing production, minimising costs, and maximising overall efficiency. He came to us from Mackenzie DC where he was CIO for some years, and as a consultant for our friends at Information Leadership who lured him to Wellington. He is a strategic thinker with exceptional people skills, and a passion for delivering an excellent customer experience. With a long-standing interest in astronomy and over 20 years associated with Mt John Observatory, The USA Antarctic Programme and Local Government throughout NZ, Stephen is a man of many talents. He has a background in IT, Records management, Change management as well as a research background with the University of Canterbury and the University of Washington Seattle.  


APaaS – What? How? Why? And what makes ours different...

Accounts Payable as a Service (APaaS), is Desktop Imaging’s outsourced service provision for accounts payable. Desktop Imaging assumes responsibility for receiving all customer invoices and statements, and processing them on your behalf. This service is not just about using smart software to take away the manual data entry of key information. It is about how we can work with your Accounts Payable team to drive efficiencies, that improve payment times, through automating business processes.

Why would you Outsource to Desktop Imaging?

  • We have the capability to handle peak times during the month. Software will continue to work 24/7 and does not need to take breaks!
  • The outcome of these processes changing, will effectively be 'invisible Customer Accounts Payable' processing staff - meaning they can focus on their core business while taking advantage of Desktop Imaging's skills.
  • Data is provided back to you in a format ready to be ingested into your chosen Financial Management system, for approval and payment processes to begin.
  • Our experience allows you to benefit from a fast implementation of agreed business rule, without having to manage the ongoing requirement to maintain software.
  • certainty of service costs on a monthly basis.

What makes us different is our desire to continue collaborating with our customers. This includes looking at ways to remove repetitive functions from an accounts payable team. An example of this in our current service offering, is the ability to manage the notification to vendors, who are sending invoices through that cannot be processed correctly (through automated business rules). Reasons why an invoice could not be processed may include:

  • Document has a GST number, but is not a Tax Invoice
  • Document is a Tax Invoice, but has no GST number
  • No Purchase Order present on the invoice
  • Purchase order is present, but is not valid

Vendors are sent an email outlining the reason it cannot be processed, including the corrective action a vendor would need to take (along with a copy of the originally submitted invoice).

We see it as a privilege to operate as your trusted outsourcing partn

er. If you would like to learn about APaaS, please email Steve Nott or read more here.


Save Money, Time and Trees.

Electronically sign, and now prepare, act on, and manage agreements. You'll do business faster with less risk, lower costs, and deliver better experiences for customers and employees.

Go digital beyond the signature. Save additional time, money, and errors by automating and connecting entire agreement processes. Embed electronic signing and payment requests into your existing website, portals, and applications. Use DocuSign's pre-built intergration or API's to connect to the systems you already use.

DocuSign representatives will be joining us at ALGIM's Annual Conference at TSB Arena in Wellington on Tuesday 5th November. Come and join us for a demo and chat, we will even shout you a coffee!

Please email Steve Beighton, or read more about the benefits of DocuSign.


SOLGM Community Well-being Service

SOLGM Community well-being service helps by measuring community wellbeing across Local Government in New Zealand. With 70 indicators and 234 measures spread across four wellbeing categories - social, economic, environmental and cultural - the service can be used to support your atrategic planning and LTP process. Knowing where you're at, helps you to work out where you need to go, the outcomes you want to achieve and how you're going to achieve them.
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