ALGIM Annual Conference 2019

TSB Arena, Wellington | November 4-6th

Cloud Based Services, Innovation and Business Automation is a big topic in smart processes, as we race into a growing digital world. The Annual Conference this year, was themed around ''Going Smart: A World of Possibilities'', which is continuing to support digital transformation.

Stephen Nott, Beighton, Barlow and Andy all attended over the course of the three days, sharing their dose of software and workflow solutions, technical discussions and chat, over a coffee in a very special Desktop Imaging keepcup. (The coffee cart saw a lot of these!)

Dr Jordan Nguyen, a world-renowned digital innovator and producer of documentaries on Discovery Channel, ABC and National Geographic, opened the event in TSB Arena, followed by plenty of other informative Keynote presentations, covering Innovation, technical solutions, and possibilities.

Our special guests, Martin and Kelly from DocuSign, also came along for a day to talk about digital signatures. Watch the video at the bottom of this page, to find out more about how works!


Why Choose PSIcapture?

PSIcapture’s advanced document capture and data extraction features were developed with the real needs of businesses in mind. The tools provided through PSIcapture allow businesses to streamline their information—whether physical documents, digital files, incoming faxes or another format—extract the important information to convert them to searchable PDFs, and route it all to a digital repository.

This is about much more than just converting documents from paper to digital format. It’s about turning your data into useful information that can be used to run your business more efficiently.

Built for Ever-Changing Business Needs.

Successful businesses understand the importance of changing and improving their business processes in order to keep up with the evolving needs of customers and to make their businesses more efficient, productive and profitable.

PSIcapture was created with this crucial business strategy in mind—which is why we take the ever-changing needs of successful businesses into account when we develop the features of our software.

In-house or outsourced?

PSIcapture software in combination with hardware solutions can be deployed onsite to deliver you Digitisation goals, including a direct integration with Go Get and Simpli.

Simply put, an On-Premise Digitisation Centre is a DIY solution. Desktop Imaging can support the solution through the design and implementation, including training of staff. Our expertise along with your people, the winning combination!

Alternatively, Desktop Imaging are equipped to operate in an outsourced capacity to take care of your digitisation requirements. We take receipt of your paper documents, and using the power of our Operations team we return digitised images to you ready to ingest into GoGet / Simpli


Why Choose DocuSign?

DocuSign digitally transforms how you do business via contracts and other agreement records. The eSignature technology covers the entire agreement process - from preparing to signing, acting on, and managing agreements.  

By modernizing and digitizing your system of agreement, the ability to operate a more efficient and lower risk business becomes simple, with your records stored electronically, to be accessed quickly and securely.

Accelerate business and simplify life.

We know the value in understanding that legacy, paper-based agreement processes are manual, slow, expensive, and risk-prone. By going paperless, automating the process, and connecting it to all the other systems that businesses are already using, the agreement process becomes effortless.  

DocuSign allows you to be constantly connected, whether in the office, at home or on the go. With a secure way to send sign and approve documents from anywhere, you’ll keep up with the speed of business, while impressing clients with a better customer experience.  

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