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The use of cloud or hosted services is a viable option for funders and providers of health and disability support services (health agencies) because of its cost and convenience.  Dr Ashley Bloomfield said "very serious consideration" should be given to digital and data projects in the coming year to allow more staff to work from home, more remote patient consults and better data sharing’’ (RNZ).

In essence, analysts are recommending we move the focus from more technology and machines for better scans, and the focus on people working in the sector, to the underlying ICT systems for joining up information.  This would ensure the right patient records are available to the right people when they need it and that the right information is ascribed, to the right patient, efficiently.  This would also mean that people can work more effectively from home, accessing information they need.  Arguably this includes HR/personnel records and systems, as well as patient records, for GPs right around the country as well as other health agencies.  

‘’With Dr Ashley Bloomfield entreating health providers to embrace digital transforming their underlying business practices, protecting the privacy and security of patient records is key, as well as the handling and management of (access to) this data’’.

– Andy Fenton, CEO, Desktop Imaging.

Currently only half of all public sector organisations have disposal authorisation for all their important data and information (District Health Boards’ shared Disposal Authority Case study, 2020). Through more effective information management systems, the legal disposing of records becomes less challenging and more secure.

Listen to the RNZ article here.

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