Desktop Imaging appoints new COO!

Change is afoot at Desktop Imaging! We are restructuring our Management Team to strengthen our core competencies and provide more focus on our Solutions Development and Support Team (SDS).  We are injecting new ICT talent and rearranging the management team with the establishment of CEO and COO positions.

Andy Fenton, previously Managing Director will have a title change to Chief Executive Officer and a subtle realignment of his responsibilities, and we are delighted to announce the appointment of Shelley Gurney as Chief Operating Officer. Shelley has a strong background in digital technologies with an emphasis on discovery, design and delivery.

This is a significant handover with Braden having held the reins of General Manager, Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Chief Information (Technology) Officer (CIO) for many years.  Unpacking his demanding role across himself (Senior Solutions Analyst), Andy (CEO), Shelley (COO) and Steve Nott (National Operations Manager) will provide a sharing of load and extension of talent to continue the growth we are experiencing in the professional ICT services arena.

All four Directors of the Company continue to hold functional and governance roles within the company.

What does this mean for you? It means all the friendly peeps you’re used to dealing with are all still here and we’ve added another bubble of energy and enthusiasm (Shelley) who will be sharing her experience in client and employee relationship management, risk analysis, a background in digital transformation and experience in government and private sectors in New Zealand and Australia.

Please join us in welcoming Shelley to the Desktop Imaging family; Shelley can be reached using any (or all) of the contact details below. And, if you’re in the vicinity you’re very welcome to pop in for a visit to our Wellington HQ

Shelley Gurney:
Twitter: @shell4uw
Skype: @shell4uw
Instagram: @m4naia

For more information about this communication contact Shelley direct or Gavin Hughes

Warmest Regards

The Team at Desktop Imaging

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