Impressions from the ALGIM Conference

Recently Gavin Hughes from Desktop Imaging attended the ALGIM conference – read on for some of his impressions.

“Leading up to the Annual AlGIM’16 event and with it being my first, I was excited to see the turnout of the conference first hand especially with my involvement in the organising our stand for the event. I was pleasantly surprised to see how organised it was from start to finish, from weeks before the conference to the very last day, a huge shout out to the organisers and especially Shivarn and the ALGIM ladies who were especially helpful to an ALGIM virgin. THANK YOU

From the get-go the event was off with a bang with Petra Bagust (I didn’t know her back-story, but could tell she was a class act) leading the day into what turned out to be so much more than expected. We were kicked ‘into touch’ by the world renowned futurist Thomas Frey who opened with … “Before we leave here today I am going to change your vision of the future” … mission accomplished! He spoke about the 10 most influential sectors most ripe for complete disruption, for example drones, information management and even the driver-less car and the impact it would have on our society. It’s mind blowing, and scarier, it’s around the corner as soon as 2030. The conference had many more speakers in the same vein discussing how the future will be changing the way we do just about everything from our day to day shopping to how we drive our businesses. Alex Gelbak spoke about wearables and how a small device the size of a mobile phone can basically govern our lives, answer questions, book flights and hotels and even movie tickets. Andy and I joked that with these two speakers alone we felt thoroughly disruptable!

All-in-all the event was an eye opener in many respects, from hearing about so many innovative projects by Local Government organisations to the friendly banter we had with delegates, to the more serious discussions with many of you about innovative and efficiency-improving projects. And as a South African it was the little things you kiwis (‘us kiwis!’) take for granted that wowed me: the way the people (including me) could leave laptops and iPads and even watches on their stands, the delightful openness amongst everyone and even sharing ideas with fellow vendors – I loved it! My family joined me in New Zealand the day after ALGIM and I regaled them with such stories – they’re pretty excited about our new beginning too – I can see I will forever associate the ALGIM Conference with the start of our new life in the best place in the world to bring up my kids… I look forward to ALGIM 2017 and will be well prepared for another outstanding event…”

Regards, Gavin Hughes

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