New faces, old faces...

Our Management Team has grown and we have added a new role into the ICT department, which serves to strengthen our core competencies and provide more focus on our professional ICT services and Data Transformation teams.

More about our “People”….

Management Team

Steve Nott has been with Desktop Imaging for three years as National Operations Manager and he takes a promotion to a new role as Customer Relationship Manager. This is a national role and his primary responsibility is maintaining long-term, post-sales relationships with existing and new customers.  

Importantly for you, Steve will play the role of the customer’s advocate to ensure you are receiving appropriate support from all our business teams inside Desktop Imaging.  This is a new concept for us, we have always been proud of our reputation as a fantastic company to work with (and to work in!), and Steve’s remarkable combination of industry experience and operational knowledge will translate to a better window on our world for you, along with improved reporting and visibility.

Steve has a particular taste for craft beer, as do a few other members of our management team, so our only recommendation is if you want to keep the conversations brief, please watch out for those crafty diversions!

Leeanne Lyle has been with Desktop Imaging for over five years and will be stepping into the role of National Operations Manager.  As Steve Nott’s former Assistant Operations Manager we were well aware of Leeanne’s exceptional talents on the operations floor, and her ability to motivate our wonderful staff – it was nothing to do with her cake-making prowess, although continuing that responsibility was slipped into her contract.

Leeanne joins the Management Team in a senior role where she will be responsible for delivering our services and solutions to our clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.  A significant part of Leeanne’s role will be to make herself available to facilitate our leaders and staff to operate with a smooth and efficient production methodology that meets the expectations and needs of customers and our commitments to them.

She will continue to work closely with Steve Nott as our new Customer Relationship Manager, ensuring expectations are met and that projects are delivered in a timely and cost effective manner.

ICT Team

We have added another leadership role with the addition of Greg Pfeffer as ICT Supervisor. We have also taken this opportunity to rename the SDS team to ICT Team.

With the addition of this new leadership role we have also moved our Data Transformation staff to reporting through to Greg (who in turn reports to General Manager, Steve Barlow). The Digital Transformation team, led by Tuakana Puia handles the technical aspects of our invoice/forms processing that includes automated processes for extracting and validating data.

Greg Pfeffer was born and raised just up the road in Porirua and brings 30 years of technical experience in organisations large and small, including CIO roles in multinationals.

He has also owned and operated his own cafe in Melbourne and we have already seen his organisational and multitasking skills shine forth.  

You’ll have to come and visit if you want to check out his barista skills for yourself!

Along with these internal changes we have also farewelled Gavin Hughes, and long-serving tech guru Ryan de Cartier-McCarthy, who move on to the next phases of their careers with our blessing and very best wishes – we will keep in touch.

What does this mean for you?It means more people available to meet your needs and enquiries, and the continuation and expansion of a willing team keen to share their experience in client and employee relationship management as well as digital transformation.

Please join us in congratulating Steve Nott and Leeanne Lyle in their new roles and in welcoming Greg Pfeffer to the Desktop Imaging family. They can be reached via phone or email from our contacts page - and, if you’re in the vicinity, you’re very welcome to pop in for a visit to our Wellington HQ.

Thanks for taking the time to read our recent staff changes,if you have any questions or for more information about this communication you can contact Steve Nott directly. He'd love to hear from you!

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Kind Regards,

The Team at Desktop Imaging

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