May '21 | Newsletter

There are a host of challenges with managing remote/distributed staff, delivering services with limited resources and budget, and enabling faster and engaging interactions. Nintex free webinar series over the course of this month, will teach you how you can leverage the Nintex Process Platform to improve business processes, work efficiently, maintain compliance and drive innovation.

April '21 | Newsletter

The need to adapt to remote working has caused more and more businesses to pivot their strategy and find ways to make this viable. As a result of rapid changes, faults and shortcomings in information management were revealed.  We have been able to extend our raft of tools and processes to bridge the knowledge gap, through digital transformation of organisational information and workflows.

March '21 | Newsletter

This month, we are very excited to share the latest and greatest in process mapping, robotic process automation and document workflow tools, that are going to add instant value and enhance your BCP!  Something we all need to ensure is solid in a COVID world. It's time to ask yourselves – “what pain points am I/my team experiencing?”  “what exciting projects could I be working on right now if I didn’t have to take time to do manual/labourious tasks?”

February '21 | Newsletter

We hope people are settling in well into the new year and starting to implement some of the resolutions we mentioned in last month’s newsletter.
We have found the New Year provides a perfect opportunity to reenergise side-lined projects, revamp internal processes and (ICT) systems, tidy and organise databases, as well as reassess priorities so that we are prepared for whatever the coming months might bring.

January '21 | Newsletter

Happy New Year! As we finally say goodbye to 2020, it's time to look forward to the year that might be (must be!) better, and keep our cup half-full (of coffee). Our Peppol e-invoicing workshop is just a month away, but there's still time to RSVP for either the Wellington or Christchurch location.

November '20 | Newsletter

It was great to see so many people and government departments attend at the 5th Annual Digital Transformation Conference last month, as well as an increased interest in e-invoicing. We also want to welcome our new staff member, Aleisha, and share our new logo with you!

October '20 | Newsletter

The Annual Digital Transformation conference is just weeks away, which is getting us excited to share the latest news in the Digital Transformation space. We also chat about e-Invoicing in the Modern Workplace with Kris Elliot from Storecove.

September '20 | Newsletter

While the country is being moving down in level, we're busy moving up a level, by bringing you interesting articles and information this month! RIMPA, Docusign, 8 benefits of workflow automation and our best quality technology jokes to make you laugh into the weekend!

August '20 | Newsletter

In this edition we have some interesting statistics on Digital Transformation, from information professionals across Australia and New Zealand.  More cartoons, staff introductions, and the latest e-invoicing conversations!  All the good stuff, really.

July '20 | Newsletter

This month we're planning for the Digital Transformation Conference in October, after it was postponed due to the travel and event restrictions. We're excited to be hosting some exciting and informative discussions and would love for you to join us! Our second cartoon is out, followed by an informative article on the right time for Digital Transformation. Lastly, meet Sam and Catriona - our friendly front office faces!

May '20 | Newsletter

Working remotely gave us some new ideas about our company direction to supplement the thinking from our Strategic Planning! We talk about the efficiency of the OPEX Falcon, Integration with Azure Blob and share a fun Desktop Imaging cartoon.

April '20 | Newsletter

It's Autumn, an indoor Easter looms, and 2020 has become rather stressful. While the COVID-19 seems a little overwhelming (we know), we've got nothing but awesome things to share with you to brighten up your week.

February '20 | Newsletter

Happy New Year! We're back, refreshed and ready for 2020. We hope you're feeling just as good, because we have exciting stuff to share with you! Oh, and did you realise Andy's birthday is Valentine's Day? He's taking applications for someone to wine-and-dine him...

December '19 | Newsletter

Welcome to the last newsletter of 2019. Summer has officially arrived, Christmas trees are up, and the holidays are about to start for most of us! This month we have kept it cheerful, family-focused and festive, in the spirit of Christmas.

November '19 | Newsletter

This month we celebrate moustache growth for mens health awareness, share photos from the Annual ALGIM Conference, and talk about how our automated solution can benefit your Accounts Payable process.

October '19 | Newsletter

This month we talk about the local Elections, Accounts Payable as a Service (APaaS) and meeting DocuSign at the annual ALGIM conference.

September '19 | Newsletter

Meet some of our staff, read about our Customer Success Programme, the annual ALGIM conference coming up, and an exciting eSignature product 'DocuSign'.

May '19 | Newsletter

Read about our Digital Workplace, the Value of Networking in the IM Sector and a Cheeky End of Financial Year Reminder.

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