PEPPOL e-Invoicing – Not just PDF invoices in Xero!

If someone said to you ‘How much do you know about what’s evolving in the e-Invoicing space?’, how would you answer...?

DI hosted (in conjuction with Kris Elliott of Storecove) an informative PEPPOL e-Invoicing workshop on Wednesday 24 February 2021.

The aim of this workshop was to be informative and build an awareness across Central Governement Agencies and Local Authorities.

This workshop was attended by people at varying levels in their respective Finance Teams, from organisations, both public and private sectors, who all gained a much better appreciation and understanding for what is happening in the PEPPOL space with regards to e-Invoicing.  In a relaxed atomosphere, questions were asked and quality conversations were had.

We will be following this up by sending out via e-mail, an information pack next week and a Webinar date will be set.

So watch this space...

For further information, please feel free to check out the following:

  1. NZBN’s website for NZ based businesses -
  2. ATO’s main e-invoicing page -
  3. The IMDA site in Singapore has a decent FAQ section -
  4. The OpenPEPPOL site in Europe -

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