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How are we helping the environment?

Going digital & sustainable

Businesses and individuals are using way less paper than in past years, thanks to computers, smart digital processes and cloud storage. Many companies send bills, documents and other communications electronically rather than snail-mail. Files are stored in the cloud, which is easily accessible from anywhere, rather than physical filing cabinets and people are managing their schedules on digital devices rather than notepads.

Forests are the Earth’s lungs, cleaning the air and providing us with oxygen. Through helping our customers go paperless, we are forest-friendly, replacing sheet sof paper with an eco-friendly digital process.

All of this adds up to a ‘’new normal’’ that has lessened our dependence on the worlds tree population, helping reduce deforestation. A green organisation isn’t only about paper though – as there are many other ways we can reduce our environmental impact, by going digital.

Digital transformation isn’t about any single technology. It is about achieving an ongoing state of agility that lets you continually adapt to changes within your organization or business. As agility improves, so does the ability to increase efficiency, capability and save costs.

The ‘Save the DATE’ campaign is a series of monthly events leading up to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which will take place on 22nd April 2020.

There are no registered Earth Day events in New Zealand so far, for this year. The 2020 goal of 3.5 billion actions taken, logged, and aggregated around the world is looking unlikely without our help – so let’s do our part!

We’re putting a few events on the map for New Zealand and would love for you to join us!

Digitisation | January | We are experts in Digitisation, converting text or pictures into a digital form that can be processed by a computer. We will be converting 100 digital images to create one big image. Submit your photo to become part of our artwork. (selfies are welcome!)

Automation | February | Automation is the technology by which a procedure is formed with minimal human assistance. Littering and rubbish isn’t something that we can automate, so we will be flipping our usual strategy on its’ head. Instead of minimal human assistance, we are going for maximum human assistance at a rubbish cleanup in our ‘’backyard’’. There is a large amount of packaging from the industrial area around our office – we’ll clean it up once a month. Start with your own neighbourhood!

Technology| March | Technology is our best friend. Using the latest technologies of data capture equipment and software we help you work fast, accurately and cost effectively. But are we good at food technology? We will be hosting a plant-based shared morning tea and create a digital cookbook with all the recipes for you to cook at home. Plant based, environmentally friendly.

Expertise | April | We are experts in Digital Transformation & Business Process Solutions, but we’re also experts in coffee (especially drinking it). New Zealand has the15th-highest per capita coffee consumption rate in the world. Conventional disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled in New Zealand and cause a huge amount of waste. They would be if the paper wasn’t lined and bound with polyethylene plastic. This stops it leaking or going soggy – but nearly all of them end up in landfills. And it adds up. Someone who consumes five coffees a week can produce about 14 kilograms of waste a year. Contact us to get your hands on a Desktop Imaging Keepcup! Our gift to you.  

January | Photomosaic

At Desktop imaging we are experts in Digitisation, converting text or images into a digital format that can be processed by a computer. We help our clients optimise their operations by digitising their documents, giving them instant, secure, user-friendly access to information.

For the first event in the Save the DATE campaign, we converted your digital images (along with some of ours) to create one big image - a photomosaic.

In true Desktop Imaging fashion, we had to make that a cup of coffee!

Can you find your image in there?

February | Rubbish cleanup

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