Because we know for many of you this time of year represents the busy stressful end of financial year, we open with a little light relief. Here are a couple of Riddles for July to warm you up...

  1. There are two monkeys on a tree and one jumps off.  Why does the other monkey jump too?
  2. What room do ghosts avoid?
  3. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

See answers later...

DIY is in… so is Digital Transformation… but just what is a Digihub?

Simply put, a Digihub is where you partner with Desktop Imaging to design and implement an in-house (on your premise) digitisation solution – our expertise along with your people, the winning combination!  We will partner with you to provide the hardware, software and process expertise with you as the customer providing the operating space and personnel.This model recognises your staff have the detailed knowledge and expertise around the information being digitised and therefore it brings the added benefit of reducing the labour cost associated with an outsourced solution.

An added benefit of partnering with Desktop Imaging to implement a Digihub, is our ability to bring ‘fresh eyes’ to undertake a review of your current processes and identify opportunities for process improvement and systems integration. These opportunities will assist your business to deliver greater value and service to your customers, both internal and external.

We have sucessfully worked with a number of organisations recently to assess and implement DIgihub solutions and can tailor a solution to match your specific set of requirements. The following is a link to a Digihub case study implemented with Wellington City Council:


Digihubs can range in size from a small single scanner solution to tackle paper documents as they arrive daily (in fact we have just installed one last month) through to a large scale solution to digitise vast quantities of legacy records as well as day-forward documents.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Stephen Nott today.

PSIcapture 7 new release

We use, resell and support PSIcapture Software because it is unique in its ability to integrate with any scanning device, including look up functionality into various sources or platforms including SharePoint 365 and SQL tables. PSIcapture can return this lookup metadata and route digital files with the metadata directly into storage where it can be immediately searched and retrieved.

PSIcapture is our specialist scanning (capture) software of choice. The PSIcapture software provides comprehensive document classification and indexing. The software works with scanned images being uploaded in batches (single PDF or multi page PDF).

Our ICT team are currently evaluating the recent release (Version 7) by PSIcapture. We will begin to communicate directly with our current PSIcapture customers about planning an upgrade for you.

Maybe take this oppurtunity to get us to review your current scanning profiles and workflows at the same time?

A snippet of the new features below:

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Stephen Beighton today.

Kind regards,

The Team at Desktop Imaging

Riddle Answers:

  1. Monkey see monkey do
  2. The living room
  3. Footsteps

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