Case Study | Workflow Automation & Document Management


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Workflow automation and document management solutions give complete transparency and immediate access to documentation, improve responsiveness, increase accuracy and reduce costs. Delta Clinic sought to take advantages of today's technology to increase operational efficiency and improve critical day-to-day business processes.
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Case Study | Workflow Automation & Document Management

Case Study | Automated Workflow Solution  

Workflow automation and document management solutions give complete transparency and immediate access to documentation, improve responsiveness, increase accuracy and reduce costs. At Desktop Imaging, we are dedicated to help you achieve your business goals. We listen, we troubleshoot, we consult. Most importantly, we connect our customers with the best practises and resources needed to drive desired results. We stand behind the brief that our products are the best digitisation, document and work management software solutions in the industry, and we pride ourselves on their high level of accessibility and usability.  

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Forward thinking companies are finding innovative ways to turn challenges into opportunities.  

Serving over one million members, Delta Clinic is focused on improving the health of the communities it serves. As a leading health benefits company, Delta Clinic sought to take advantage of today’s technology to increase operational efficiency and improve critical day-to-day business processes.  



Delta Clinic was faced with several challenges that caused inefficiencies and increased operations costs. What started out as a repository search, quickly became a pursuit to embrace an automated methodology to overcome challenges including: 

  • Manual processes tied to the creation of contract and benefit booklets
  • Difficulties tracking individual documents due to volumes of paper files
  • Bottlenecks with provider and producer onboarding
  • No clear and reproducible processes


We've halved the number of hours we spend on processing invoices and forms.

‘’The administration department oversees everything from applications, renewals, policy updates, change requests, onboarding, verification and more. Each of those processes are comprised of many steps and tons of paper files. For example, in the past creating new benefits and contracts consisted of manually pulling information from several databases and then reviewing and cross referencing each section to make sure it was properly populated. Preparing one contract booklet typically took at least half a day to create’’.  

‘’By gaining greater control of our day-to-day processes, we’ve increased overall productivity; more is being done with less manual steps. But, the real benefit has been transformation and turnaround time related to customer and provider-facing processes. In some instances, it might have taken several days or even weeks to respond to a customer. With automated workflows, we’re now able to follow up in just a few days or shorter’’ - Heather Magic, Director of Administration.  


Desktop Imaging recognises the need to automate the flow of everyday business processes and better manage content. Improving overall performance, decrease operational costs, and most importantly, provide an unprecedented level of customer service.  


Through the workflow automation and electronic forms, Delta Clinic began streamlining everyday tasks, and soon realised the gains in efficiency, which led them to begin exploring other exisiting business processes they could integrate automated solutions into, including:  

  • Email distribution
  • Change requests/checklists
  • Onboarding/application processing
  • Contract Management



Since automating their business processes, Delta Clinic has overcome costly and time intensive processes. ‘’we’ve hit nearly every deadline we have set for ourselves. The entire team has been fantastic at working with us to understand our business and tailor a solution to meet our unique needs’’.  

More specifically, Delta Clinic has realised benefits including: 

  • Reduced time to create customer and provider-facing documentation. What normally took at least half a day to create a contract can now be completed in one minute for review, drastically increasing the number that can be produced in one day. 
  • Complete transparency in day-to-day business processes. At any given step, team members can access information online in seconds.  
  • Improved responsiveness to customers and providers. Delta Clinic is able to do more productive work with a higher level of service through automated workflows. These have also resulted in considerable time efficiencies and cost savings.  
  • Increased accuracy through automation assembling documents and data. With the automated solution, the correct, managed process is performed each and every time, leaving no room for human error.  


‘’we’re eager to continue working with automated workflows solutions to help our team work more productively and continue delivering the level of service our customers, providers and brokers rely on’’  



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