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Since September 2014, PGG Wrightson Seeds have been ‘live’ using our services to manage their Accounts Payable process.
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PGG Wrightson Seeds

Desktop Imaging manages the conversion of hardcopy mail to digital files and also incoming electronic invoices. 

Upon standardisation of format -using PSIcapture- the invoices are run through “ICE” (our Intelligent Capture Engine) where key metadata is extracted. 

From there a Desktop Imaging operator checks the data and the images for upload into FileBound (hosted by Desktop Imaging). 

Approvals and exception management take place inside FileBound before the data is migrated into JDE World. Escalations, foreign invoices, and PO matching are also managed within FileBound. Images are stored in FileBound, with an HTTPS link uploaded into JDE to link the invoice data to the images.

Volumes: ~50,000 invoices per annum

Industry: Rural Services

Finance System: JDE World

Geography: PGG has operations in Australia and New Zealand that utilise this system, which is managed by Desktop Imaging.  Approvers are situated around New Zealand and Australia. Head office is in Christchurch.

Number of Users: ~150

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