Accounts Payable as a Service (APaaS)

By implementing DocuSign customers can benefit from accelerated workflows, cost savings, and significant time-savings. If you’re unfamiliar, DocuSign enables your organisation to digitise workflows, obtain signatures while collecting data, and securely manage business critical documents. DocuSign can be integrated with existing software or workflow tools to further enhance your current processes

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Outsource Solution using Desktop Imaging as your trusted partner

All customer invoices and statements, incorporating all varieties of physical and electronic mail formats would be processed by Desktop Imaging staff who will be responsible for sorting physical mail from your PO Box and your AP email inbox.

The outcome of these processes changing will effectively be invisible customer Accounts payable processing staff – meaning they can focus on their core business while taking advantage of Desktop Imaging’s skills in this area.

Email invoices would be received into a customer owned email address and routed to a Desktop Imaging email address. Paper invoices could either be scanned internally at customer premises (and directed to this same email address) or Desktop Imaging could arrange for the re-direction of paper-based invoices ex your P O Box.

Emails received would have the invoice attachments (PDF’s) detached and saved to a hot folder ready for processing. PSIcapture scanning software would watch the hot folder and que the invoices for processing. Header and line item data are able to be extracted from the invoices and a seamless Integration with client system for migration of data, approval of invoice and storage of data and digital images.

Core functionality (solution) features:

1. Physical mailbox clearance redirected to dedicated Desktop Imaging address

2. Redirection of AP email address to dedicated Desktop Imaging address

3. Processing of both paper & electronic invoices

4. Use of Specialist scanning hardware for paper-based invoices/statements/credit notes

5. Physical and electronic invoices/statements processed using specialist software “PSIcapture”

6. Automated extraction of key information using PSIcapture software

7. Option to validate Vendor details using an automated look up and return of vendor information

8. Option to validate Purchase Order details using an automated look up and return of purchase order information

9. Integration between PSIcapture software and customer Financial management system for upload of data and image files

11. Upload of data and image files into Financial management system for subsequent approval and payment process

12. Customised reporting using SQL database

PSIcapture software is also capable of triggering additional workflows based on agreed business rules. These business rules could result in automated emails being sent to vendors informing them of the reasons an invoice has not been processed, and the required changes.

Based on the pre-agreed invoice processing rules the following could be treated as exceptions:

• Not an Invoice/Credit

• Vendor Not Matched

• Document has a GST Number but is not a Tax Invoice

• Document is a Tax Invoice but has No GST Number

• No PO

• PO Not Valid for Vendor

• PO Not Valid

• Valid PO Invoice

• Valid Credit

• Vendor is PO Exempt

• Invoice GST & Stored GST don’t match

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