On Premise Digitisation

Simply put, an On-Premise Digitisation Centre is a DIY solution. Desktop Imaging can support the solution through the design and implementation, including training of staff. Our expertise along with your people, the winning combination!

We will partner with you to provide the hardware, software and process expertise while you provide the operating space and personnel. This model recognises your staff have the detailed knowledge and expertise around the information being processed and therefore it brings the added benefit of reducing the labour cost associated with an outsourced solution.

An added benefit of partnering with Desktop Imaging to implement an On-Premise solution is our ability to bring ‘fresh eyes’ to undertake a review of your current processes and identify opportunities for process improvement and systems integration. These opportunities will assist your business to deliver greater value and service to your customers, both internal and external.

We have successfully implemented On-premise solutions with a number of organisations and continue to provide ongoing support.

‍On-Premise solutions can range in size from a small single scanner solution to tackle paper documents as they arrive daily through to a large-scale solution to digitise vast quantities of legacy records as well as day-forward business as usual documentation.

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