In a perfect world, all of your company’s information would be electronically formatted and easy to manage. Mountains of paper or microfilm stored in cabinets, storage boxes, and lundia systems would be converted from paper or microfilm to electronic


Desktop Imaging transforms complex data capture through state-of-the-art equipment techniques. Extracting specific information from pages and documents can empower businesses with access to data that will allow you to improve systems, develop better business flow, increase productivity and save you


Our team is designed to step in, analyse your processes and goals, technical architecture, and existing products to provide creative, process-based solutions. Acting on the right advice at the right time could be critical to your organisation’s success. We know

At Desktop Imaging, our mission is to make your life easier through our smart solutions for processes involving large quantities of documents.

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OPEX Falcon v.2


Opex corporation is one of our solution partners. Falcon™ combines OPEX’s innovative one-step drop feed scanning with the performance of a high-capacity production scanner, providing the only universal document scanning workstation on the market. Regardless of your document scanning needs, Falcon is designed to attack the most difficult and daunting workflow challenges.

What our clients say

The work carried out by Desktop Imaging is the perfect way to preserve the legacy of cable-laying from our draughting forefathers and provide soft copy access to these historic records.” “While these are historic documents, many of the cable records are still relevant today and this process means that Chorus can make them easily accessible to contractors working on current projects.

Allan Haydock - Chorus, Manager Records & Data

Before it could take staff up to 20 minutes to find and retrieve physical academic records to deal with requests. Now, we simply have to search in the online repository and the information is right there. Since the project has been completed more and more staff have shown an interest in utilising the information to support activities, for example, the alumni department have been able to use the repository to quickly update and populate their database.

Danny Naylor - Victoria University Wellington, Manager Record Services