Desktop Imaging is very proud to announce our partnership with Nintex.
We're excited to show you what is new in: process mapping, RPA and workflow automation realms...

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Business Process AutomationBusiness Process Automation
Business process automation is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery or contain costs.
Data Capture & Scanning ServiceData Capture & Scanning Service
In a perfect world, all of your company’s information would be electronically formatted and easy to manage. It would be clean, compact, accessible, easy to read, edit, print or publish, and at the same time, much more secure. Help is at hand to turn the dream into reality.
Professional Services & ConsultancyProfessional Services & Consultancy
Our team is designed to step in, analyse your processes and goals, technical architecture, and existing products to provide creative, process-based solutions. Acting on the right advice at the right time could be critical to your organisation’s success.
Software & HardwareSoftware & Hardware
We will partner with you to provide the hardware, software and process expertise while you provide the operating space and personnel. This model recognises your staff have the detailed knowledge and expertise around the information being processed and therefore it brings the added benefit of reducing the labour cost associated with an outsourced solution.
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At Desktop Imaging, our mission is to make your life easier through our smart solutions for processes, involving large quantities of documents.
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Digitally Transforming Property Records
In 2017 Whakatāne District Council continued its digital transformation journey when it took on the task of shifting its paper-based property information to an electronic platform. The physical files not only required storage, management, and administration, but were also susceptible to the risk of loss or damage. Digitising these records would address these issues, and allow for greater flexibility in their application, including the ability to integrate with other electronic systems.
Transpower: The Hub
For most of Transpower’s major substation equipment items, manufacturer’s manuals (including drawings and test reports) were provided at the time of delivery and installation. These manuals were and still are a valuable resource – particularly as some of the in-service equipment is more than 40 years old, and many of the original manufacturers are no longer in business.
PGG Wrightson Seeds
Since September 2014, PGG Wrightson Seeds have been ‘live’ using our services to manage their Accounts Payable process.
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We've been able to improve the digital workflows of some great NZ clients in our 19 years, both large and small.

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